Hair Hacks for Every Occasion

You should not look nervous, less confident on the way you dress, walk, sit or talk. Carry yourself well, look people in the eye, when you are speaking. Likewise, in women’s, hair is noticeable part of her beauty. A good hair day makes her feel confident all through her day. Well, Does Brazilian Blowout Damage Hair? Yes it is safe.

Brazilian blowout treatment is supposed to be the best remedies for those, who are having an issue with their hair. It eliminates frizz and promotes intense shine. What is Brazilian blowout treatment? It is a liquid keratin formula, which will create a protective layer around the hair. Ingredients include camu camu, annatto seed and acai berry. Once you are done with treatment, your hair will be left hydrated and less frizzy. Here are few hair hacks that make a difference in the way your hair looks and feels.

  1. Dry Ends

Did you know? Using hand moisture at the dry ends of your hair makes it look better. Yes! It will help add moisture and shine when you don’t have right products with you. The ingredients are almost the same. So, this will help rejuvenate your hair!

  1. Added Volume

Blow drying your roots with your head upside down, enhances the volume of your hair.

  1. Longer & Thicker Braids

Adding extensions to your hair makes it look longer, sharper and better. You actually know what happens when you book an appointment with your hair stylist. You will come with a brand new un-asked cut. It happens to all of us. Extensions can easily fix such problems.

Do you want to streak your hair? Yes, possible with hair extensions. You can try adding extensions with different colors. If you don’t like the outcome, you can simply take them out of your hair.

If you ever witness a hair loss, you can go with extensions to make it look the way it used to. It looks natural and feels really good.  Good thing about adding extensions are, they don’t damage your hair whatsoever. Easy-to-use, if you are lazy to wash your hair, blowing it up on a weekend, you can add extensions to make yourself look nice.

  1. How to do boho curls?

  Boho curls are the perfect hairstyle for summer months. Good thing about boho curls is that the shape holds well for turning into a messy bun. Here are few steps to get boho curls.

  • Create a centre parting. Using the end of comb, form a centre parting.
  • Place hair in styler, rotate 180 degrees and glide.
  • Change direction each and every time
  • Leave to cool, and then loosen curls with comb.

This simple procedure might help you dress according the occasion.

Hope you have liked reading our blog and found valuable information about hair hacks for every occasion. Stay connected to us for more!

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